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About Us

Team Work, Creativity, Integrity, and Dedication are not just some random jargons we scribble on our company mandate – we literally live by these values.


We design, plan & build bespoke software and databases to suit your business needs. We can even integrate them with your website or existing office systems.


Need a new website? We'll design & build a website you'll be proud of, that combines great design with the latest technology to engage your target audience.


We love databases and are passionate about data quality. We are happy to either work with your existing system, or help you create one from scratch.


We work with you to develop your website through online marketing to improve your search rankings, website visitors & lead generation.


Enlighten Technological Solutions offers products that do not require external applications to run the business. It ensures that the basic underlying structure and processes have remained the same so companies need never go outside of Enlitec to gain increased operational effectiveness. This also makes it easy for people to learn new software features and to grow and progress efficiently with the product.

Software Products

A well designed software application can make an enormous difference to the efficient running of any organization, from the smallest to the largest.

Simple and cost-effective

We constantly reinvent ourselves to provide simple solutions for complex business problems. Our customized solutions address every possible business challenge out there.


Our robust products and solutions are cloud-based, offering you flexibility, freedom and easy accessibility. Packaged with enhanced security features, our products give you total control over what you own. Your peace of mind is our responsibility.

iOS development
Innovating experiences

We carry years of experience in developing apps and games for the iOS platform. Leverage our expertise.

Android development
Apps that deliver

Starting from MVP to a feature packed product, we comprehend your needs and deliver Android apps that work for you.

Windows development
Leveraging the new

Searching for an innovative solution for your Windows Mobile app? We have a Windows development team that covers it all.

UI design
Crafting simplicity

We analyze every pixel that goes to your application so that your software, web and mobile apps have the perfect user experience.

Web development
Fast and interactive

We deliver quality websites and robust web applications using state-of-the-art tools, technologies and architecture.

Flawless experience

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team and process in place so that your products work flawlessly with optimized performance.

Exemplary customer service

Our specially trained staff will amaze you with their commitment and dedication in addressing your concerns. You don’t just have to take your concerns. You don’t just have to take our word – give us a call, and discover the difference.


 Yogeesh M, India.
 : +91-8105-436-315
 Abdul Faruk, Dubai.
 : +97-1552-254-066
 E-Mail: info@enlitec.net
 Web: www.enlitec.net

Contact Us

Our customer satisfaction stats have always been outstanding. We gather periodic feedback from our loyal customer base that enables us to constantly reinvent ourselves and provide a truly world-class service.

Interested in our innovative products? Have any questions? Give us a call, and discover the Enlitec Solutions difference.